The "Bear in Mind" blog project is meant to be my outlet to put thoughts of all aspects of my life into a digital form.


You'll find a wide array of content here as I write whatever is on my mind from my family, to different passion points, to how I go about my career in the world of digital advertising, and more!


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This weekend was my first trip on an airplane for probably more than 18 months, and it's crazy to think that! Before this all started and the pandemic shut everything down, I was flying out to different places pretty regularly whether it was for work or for play. I was lucky enough to score a lot of miles through several work trips that made this small vacay out to San Fran essentially a free round trip. This weekend in particular was pretty spontaneous in nature where I impulsively said yes to coming out and my best friend also came along for the ride. (Ken graciously stayed home and took care of Kaylee)

We met up with some old friends from my college and Beijing days which was a reunion nonetheless. The itinerary of each day - Friday to Sunday was pretty packed. All in all, it was a nice break from everything else that's been going on. From motherhood, to transitioning jobs, to just a lot of things happening personally, I had a chance to "slow down" and refocus my days on exploring new places and things by breaking out of the normal routine.

Throughout the trip, we did a ton of walking! I think we racked up over 22 miles of steps. Our legs were sore! But the hiking and trekking around was well worth it. We hiked up on a trail in Pacifica and got a view of the ocean and mountains, while also going further south of San Francisco to Santa Cruz to see Sea Lions, and then heading back up Highway 1 to eat lobster rolls in Half Moon Bay. On Sunday, I took my best friend out to all of the staple touristy spots like Golden Gate Bridge, thePalace of Fine Arts, and can't forget good old China Town. Visiting the Bay area actually made me pretty jealous in the sense that it has so many beautiful places to walk around paired with the cool weather. However, I don't like the prices or the cost of living, if I could get over that I could definitely get used to the vibes of living there.

It was trip to remember and I'm so grateful for the friendships that made it such a heartwarming experience. It's nice to catch up with friends and see where they are, and how much we've grown, as well as looking forward to the future. With a lot of these friends I met them in my 20s, and we're now all heading into our 30s - it will be interesting to see where we'll be together in another 10 years. San Fran is always going to be a place that I'll want to go back to.

Wow it's been a while since I last published a post here. I've been super busy on my end (to an extent). The last 7-8 months I made a couple of shifts within my career and really took the time to explore my professional wants and needs. I've also been spending a lot of time with family. Kaylee has grown up so much already that I can't wait to see the little girl she continues to blossom into. We've also been able to spend time with all sorts of friends and family which has kept our weekends busy.

What these last few months has come to, I think had a revelation in my life on where I see things going in terms of my goals in the near future. 2020 was not easy, and 2021 rolled right into it. I didn't take time for a breather and listen to my heart or my brain for that matter. It was kind of go go go! I thought I knew what I wanted and eventually figured out that I was wrong. Now, I want to pause and slow down. I want to prioritize myself and practice the art of just not giving a f***.

I can't believe I became a person who started to care about what others think of me and my progress. I used to be confident in my outlooks, choices, and actions but I have begun to really second guess myself and spiral into these darker thoughts. It started to light a different emotion within me and I've been really struggling with anger. I can be happy one moment, and then the next someone might say or do something and I can be quick to rage and change my attitude entirely. It's super toxic to say the least and I admit I shouldn't be taking this out on the people closest to me. I appreciate that people can bear it but they should never have to. It's unfair to them and it's completely not okay.

Also, I have been struggling to hold myself accountable to keeping up with new personal hobbies and routines. It's easy for me to fall into this endless cycle of laziness and honestly I'm getting tired of being lazy if that could be said. I want to break out this phase entirely. I think the first step is to obviously acknowledge what's been going on, and build out some action items aka goals to start working on. They can be small at first, however I'd like to go bigger and change myself as a whole.

So this is where the blog comes right back in. I'll be spending some time documenting my thoughts more often as I try to get back on track. This is where I got to truly double down on things that I bear in mind and bring them out in the open. Be vulnerable to the world wide web and carry on. Improve myself and live my life more fully. I'll be back soon!

Sharing my current favs at the moment. With 2020 coming to an end, it's only hopeful that we can go back to seeing artists on a stage or in a club. I miss the nights of vibing and dancing them away.

  1. drivers license, by Olivia Rodrigo

  2. more than love, by Trevor Hall

  3. Cold Feet, by Loud Luxury

  4. Vibration, by Iman

  5. Bloom, by Alex Baker

  6. hold me, baby, by We Three

  7. betterman, by Virginia To Vegas

  8. 1night, by Daddy NAT

  9. Godspeed, by Frank Ocean

  10. Sirens, by Icarus

Till then, I'll keep bopping to these jams while I work from home and take a little dance break as a good stretch or bring a smile to Kaylee's face.