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Surviving Quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

With this being a never before experience long period of self isolation time due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and myself being a high risk as I'm in the third trimester of pregnancy, I've been looking to fill my day with new things to do outside of my typical routine. It has not been easy, but I wanted to share what I've been doing to keep me sane. (These aren't hard or fast rules)

1. Create Daily To Do Lists

This is the biggest piece advice that I highly recommend. Typically I take the night before the next day to think about how I want to prioritize my schedule. It lets me brainstorm the best way to keep myself productive in a positive way. These to do lists can consist of different chores, tasks, exercise, and entertainment. I usually have a combination of all of these in order to get a bit of variety throughout the day, and at the end I feel fairly accomplished. Nothing's worse than feeling like you let a day just pass you by.

I keep track of my work tasks with a very thick planner, while on the weekends I resort to using my phone and the reminder app as I'm more on the move. Both these methods can be used together, although it could be duplicative effort, I have found that writing things down has kept me accountable and I take pride to see what I've crossed off my lists.

2. Find Ways to Self Improve

This may sound like assigning yourself unwanted homework, but you have to think about it in the perspective of improving yourself beyond your current knowledge base. For instance, I like to broaden my digital technical skills completing different certifications related to my job, or I take some baby care online courses to help me prepare for motherhood, and finally I've started to find new creative skills to hone on (like this blog!) Self improvement goes a long way. You might need to wrangle some motivation, and it's definitely hard for myself, but I want this to become a lifestyle habit of mine.

3. Practice Self Care with Health and Mind

Next up, caring for your health and your mind. Before quarantine, I was an avid hiker and loved to explore new parks and places on the weekends. Now, I've been forced to change this up. During the weekday mornings, I've taken up daily prenatal yoga routines and a 15 minute meditation sesh to start my day fresh minded. Then during the day, I schedule in breaks to walk around my house with a chore or even take 15 minutes to indoor cycle on a bike. Finally, if the weather permits I try end the day at least 3 times a week with a 40 minute walk around my neighborhood. All of this moving around will get your blood moving and take your mind off things. I even schedule a call during an outdoor walk to connect with an old friend as it gives me a chance to maintain relationships. Self care is important and should be a high priority to upkeep.

4. Find Ways to Entertain Yourself

Of course, don't forget to relax, chill, and unwind a little bit. This could be crafting, puzzling, or for myself I spend a lot of time playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch and watch some new TV shows or movies. I think the one thing to make sure you don't do on this one is spend too much time here. You can easily binge watch a whole TV show season in day, or get carried away on a game for many hours. When you over do this last one, you'll quickly realize this is quite the way to be positive in your productivity.

These 4 everyday actions can and will help you. It's all about finding the right balance, and actually going through with it - I swear by it. Hopefully by the end of this quarantine, you can say you kept yourself busy and you were able to adapt your lifestyle for the better. :)

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