• Ting Zheng

What I'm Grateful For...

Let's do a little deep reflection and some appreciation, I mean it's November so might as well, right?

My Husband

So sappy and I know it! But damn, this guy I chose to do life with is someone that I greatly appreciate. Our relationship is different than I think the standards are. The perception that we spend time separately and enjoy that confuses people, and when we are together there's a ton of banter that's going on with lots of smiles.

My husband has taken the brunt of my emotional spectrum and I can't believe he's still here to this day standing by my side. I can be utterly mean one second, and flip into a rage at a random trigger and he patiently deals with me. I don't think we've ever gone to bed angry with one another and it's something we pride ourselves on. We open our communication, and I can truly say that I've improved the way I've dealt with conflict since being with him. I appreciate the things he does for me, thinks about me, and the family he wants to build together. The way I see him light up for Kaylee always makes me get a little fuzzy inside. He's in this relationship for the long haul and man oh man marriage is a growth experience for us both.

My Career

This year there was so many transitions however along the way I had the greatest support when it came to my peers and mentors. I'm so grateful to those who had a hand in how I've developed and built on my expertise, and how we've also become a source of friendship along the way. Career used to be my everything - I did the grind and hustled where I could and although I wish I could say I still give it my all, the introduction of becoming a mom was harder to grapple between the balances. But no matter what, I still dedicated the time to my career and the people around me and can truly say there was a return that couldn't be measured. Also, being welcomed back with open arms to my old company has been a great experience in the sense that getting back in the groove was so easy and comfortable. These people and the culture can't be uniquely found in every place, and for that you have to be so appreciative of.

Coffee + UberEats

I'm joking on this, but not joking. The fact that I live off of coffee getting me going every morning and UberEats to keep the family fueled. We stopped cooking every day as we just couldn't handle the prepping and planning, and cleaning that's all involved with it. It's so much more expensive BUT the return we get with more time to spend with Kaylee and each other, and the down time to recharge the HP expended throughout the day has been necessary to keep us all happy.

There's obviously so much more to be grateful for and I could go on and on. For now, I'm going to cap it off on top 3 that's top of mind, and close it off with this little recap photo of Halloween. (I'm still recovering from this weekend of festivities)

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