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Thoughtful Gift Ideas

I have never been the best gift giver, however, it's become one of my own personal goals to be better at. A thoughtful gift always goes a long way! I've even started to compile a list of ideas to grab from whenever needed and wanted to share what I have so far. Most of these are pretty personalized and can be customized as needed.

I'd like to keep adding to this as I go, so always check back or bookmark this post for new ideas! :)


Personalized Minimal Necklace from GLDN: This has become one of my favorite jewelry brands where I find myself browsing their collection quite often. I love the minimalistic and clean aesthetic they have to offer. Their personalized necklaces include engraving initials with various designs, perfect for any gal friend!

Custom Home Decor from Smallwoods: Have you ever looked for an affordable, beautiful framed sign where you can use any image you like? Smallwoods is just the place to create this! They create wooden framed signs with different sizes, including even a way to create a gallery wall with smaller square images. This is great to spice up a home and in a personal way.

Custom Notebook or Planner from Golden Coil: If you're like me, and love a well-designed planner or notebook, then Golden Coil would be just the place to look. You can edit the content and layouts for any friend and it will be beautiful no matter what!

Custom Illustrated Pet Portraits from West & Willow: Got a friend who's a huge pet lover? This custom gift will surely be a great one. Simply upload an image of their pet, and you can create a custom portrait that becomes a framed sign or even a phone case.

Cute Soy Wax Candle from Lit Candle Supply: I came across this candle company on Facebook and found it very unique. These candles are not only soy-based but also the design and naming of these candles are creative and relatable.

Greetabl: Need to give something small but still personable? Greetabl lets you create a small box that fits one small cute gift and a gift card. The box is completely customizable and you're able to upload your own photos that can later be torn off and used.

BoxFox: What about a more comprehensive gift box? BoxFox is the next best option with many different box themes with unique, cute products in them. These gift boxes are purposeful, thoughtful, and above all else personal!

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