• Ting Zheng

New Year Music Jams

Sharing my current favs at the moment. With 2020 coming to an end, it's only hopeful that we can go back to seeing artists on a stage or in a club. I miss the nights of vibing and dancing them away.

  1. drivers license, by Olivia Rodrigo

  2. more than love, by Trevor Hall

  3. Cold Feet, by Loud Luxury

  4. Vibration, by Iman

  5. Bloom, by Alex Baker

  6. hold me, baby, by We Three

  7. betterman, by Virginia To Vegas

  8. 1night, by Daddy NAT

  9. Godspeed, by Frank Ocean

  10. Sirens, by Icarus

Till then, I'll keep bopping to these jams while I work from home and take a little dance break as a good stretch or bring a smile to Kaylee's face.

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