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Fall Days are Here!

Finally, cool air has hit Texas and bugs are at bay which means I'm planning on being out and about as much as I possibly can these next couple of months. We're prepping for Kaylee's first Halloween which will be pretty fun all things considering, and we've been having a lot of weekend outings whether it's the Zoo, the Arboretum, or the State Fair.

This month is also the anniversary of my dad's passing. A year without him and talking about memories with him is different. He didn't get to see Kaylee grow into the crazy toddler she is or how I transitioned into a mother. My family isn't necessarily the same without him, but I think we've improved all of our relationships. We're more understanding and patient with one another for the most part. There are times where we are quick to judge and react negatively that we all need to work on.

Ken and I are having an amazing time raising our daughter. We've gotten into a great routine of parenting and right now it's a little smooth sailing. I'm waiting for tantrum phase to hit where things might fall apart (just a little bit), in the meantime we'll enjoy all the smiles we can get.

As we move forward into this next season that's filled with so many holidays and family time, I'm trying to reenergize myself into seizing the moment of each day. It's been difficult to stay motivated and move my tasks along, and when I reflect on the things I've accomplished I can no longer say I feel proud of my efforts. I want to capitalize on this crazy thing we called life. Dig a little deeper into building relationships beyond my current network, start projects that put me out of my comfort zone, and so on and so on.

IT'S TIME FOR AN ERA OF NO EXCUSES. I've taken advantage of so many lazy moments, and it's time to turn it around. Next month Ken and I plan to take a vacation somewhere close by with only the 2 of us. I think the last time we did this was a couple of years ago so this is definitely due time. This is the timeline that I'm working towards to truly feel that the vacation is a reward. Here we go!

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