• Ting Zheng

Centering Myself

Life has been a bit chaotic lately and I need to remind myself to become more centered. It's a mixture of a bit of everything, where there's not one cause I can truly pinpoint to help alleviate these feelings. This blog was a place meant to put my thoughts into a place that's more concrete, and I need to dedicate a bit more time and effort here. I've been on a hiatus from investing in myself and although my productivity is high within my work output and as a mother, I don't quite necessarily see the same outside of that.

I recognize that I want to make the most of my life in a holistic sense. So, I'm bringing back my to-do lists where it lets me really take into consideration the possibilities of each day. It goes beyond the typical errands, and allows me to think through additional ways to impact or create value not only in my life but also in others.

For the rest of the year, I want to dedicate myself to this way. I no longer want to be in the passenger seat. It's time I get back to putting forth a real drive. All of this goes to say, you'll see me be more active on this blog from here on out and I'll be sure to be noting my journey.

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