• Ting Zheng

An Indoor Picnic

We've had to be a bit more creative given the Coronavirus pandemic situation on what activities we can do to keep ourselves busy. The other thing you have to think about is this Texas weather. It can be scorching outside which makes it super unbearable for myself (others could probably deal with it more whereas I love being at a cool 70 - 80 degrees environment all day, every day).

So, this last weekend my best friend came up with a great idea - an indoor picnic! We probably would have loved this 10x more if we could have hiked somewhere outside, picked a spot, and enjoyed each other's company, but you got to make do with what you got. Anyways, my friend came over to my house in the early afternoon where we decided to plan out our menu. We took into consideration that it was the 4th of July and maybe we could do some color-coordinated red, white, and blue food. We debated out which entrees and desserts would best fit our indoor picnic vibes, listed out the ingredients, and decided to head off to the grocery store.

We ended up deciding to go with vegan + beef dumplings and a side cucumber salad for the main, with white chocolate covered strawberries and strawberry whipped cream sandwiches for desserts. After we got back to my place with all the ingredients, we hustled on all the dishes. Our favorite part was folding up the dumplings. I set up the living room so we had a blanket to sit on and an open space to enjoy. We poured some wine and cheers to it all. Here's how it turned out.

Ain't that a sweet spread? With how crazy it is in our current world, it was nice to spend some time with a great friend and put together something fun and creative with food. It's not easy anymore to "hang out" in some ways, not just because of having a baby that must have a lot of attention, but because we're so limited on what we can do. Now, these personal experiences are also good memories. Couldn't do it without this lady by my side.

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