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Adjusting to Life with Kaylee and Maternity Leave

Let's start off that it really has been quite an adjustment to motherhood. It has not been easy, and obviously never what you expect until you're actually experiencing it but it comes with some amazing rewards. I have a newfound extreme admiration for all mothers. Of course, it has always been there but now being a mother myself and going through all this first hand has enlightened me even further.

So how is Kaylee? Well, she's doing pretty great! She's gained lots of weight from her measly 5 lbs she began at. We have a 2-month appointment next week so I'm excited to see how much she's grown and make sure all is well (also it'll be time for some of her first shots. wish me luck!).

Kaylee at 1 Month Old

She's currently 7 weeks old and although she's easy to breastfeed (thank goodness!), she also has some very bad gas and colic. I never knew babies make as much noise as they do at night. Kaylee has become what I call a grunting gremlin. When she is put to bed, she often grunts and thrusts her arms and legs everywhere pretty much all night for the last 3 weeks. We have some peaceful silent periods, but dang can this girl make a ton of noise! What's surprising is she doesn't seem to be in pain and is typically asleep through all of this. We have used everything to help her alleviate from daily tummy massages and bicycle kicks with her legs to giving her gripe water or gas relief drops, to using the Frida Windi - we've done it all. If you have any recommendations, we are open to it!! :) Ken has been taking the brunt of all my sleep-deprived frustrations so we're in some dire need of more solutions.

Other than that, Kaylee is fairly happy! She continues to sleep on a routine schedule (not really lol) and is fairly energetic during her wake periods. We do the same old tummy time and keep her entertained with all the bouncing and swinging. Also, I've recently gone on a splurge at a consignment sale and got some more toys for her. We've been trying those out to get her further engaged and figuring out what she likes/dislikes.

As for my maternity leave, I'm super grateful to have this time to bond with Kaylee. It was relatively easy to adjust to which surprises me as I love to be a person who is kept very busy with work projects. I enjoyed being able to completely focus on Kaylee and remove any focus from work completely. However, I'm slowly starting to get stir crazy as mat leave goes on. With it being a pandemic and all, there's not a lot of events going on and there's an absolute need to continue to social distance. This makes it hard to keep my days filled with things to do, I'm not one to stay at home all the time. Since I'm already a little halfway through the leave, I'm starting to figure out more projects for myself from home to relationships to my own personal development. It's a hustle but I welcome it.

What I've come to find out is motherhood is work and exhausting at times, but I've already seen how damn worth it all it's been.

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