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A Short Staycation

As a family we recently went to the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine to participate in some of their Halloween events. While we took Kaylee around to different parts of the atrium, it quickly inspired Ken and I to take a look at staying there for a couple nights. I think the last time I had been there was probably 8-10 years ago and honestly I don't even recall the details in my memory of it. Ken and I had been debating on whether or not we should take a vacation. We're practically too lazy to travel this year and this place seemed to cover off on a few things we were trying to check off.

Great Atmosphere. Check.

Good Food. Check.

Spa. Check.

We are so basic, and easy to please. Also, it's super close to our home that it would be easy to pop by and get Kaylee anything she needed. Luckily that did not happen. My mom handled it all very well while we were out and we're so appreciative to have her help while she's staying with us.

Meanwhile, staycationing at the Gaylord during this time aligned really well to kicking off their holiday events too. They had so many activities all throughout the resort, but most catered towards kids (which was unfortunate we didn't have Kaylee there to experience it all). Ken and I truly wanted break. The work, the parenting, life as a whole. We needed to pause and reset. We wined and dined, and pretty much slept. What could you ask for more? We ice skated, enjoyed an amazing massage, walked through some beautiful Christmas lights and explored the entire resort inside and out.

The staycation was short, but all the more worth it. We typically like these short and sweet because honestly the hustle is really what gets both of us going. Our next adventure is already booked...we'll be visiting Colorado in December. It will be Kaylee's first time on an airplane. Wish us luck.

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