• Ting Zheng

4th Year Anniversary

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

It's crazy to think about the journey together Ken and I have had and how lucky we were to find one another. When we first met, it was a time where I had come back from my adventures abroad and wasn't looking for anything serious, yet Ken had convinced me otherwise. 4 years later we've built a life together. We moved in together by year 1, bought our house by year 2, married by year 3, and had Kaylee by year 4. You can say we move pretty fast, but when you know something is going to work out, you really know!

With the change in our lifestyle due to COVID, plus having Kaylee right in the middle of it - we are pretty homebound. Ken only leaves to go to work, and I only go out to do any errands. But with it being our first year being married, we wanted our first wedding anniversary to be special. Ken's parents came out to visit and meet Kaylee, and they graciously helped us out with babysitting one night. Ken got us a stay at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, and we conveniently had dinner at Bob's Steakhouse in the lobby. This was the best meal we've had in a while plus I had my first glass of wine in 10 months. It was absolutely much needed! Then, of course, we had uninterrupted sleep in a comfy bed to recharge.

This date night may have been a bit chill (compared to what we could have planned), however it was perfect for what we needed. I only hope that the years to come we will continue to take time out for ourselves. We'll spend the night conversing and reminiscing on our lives together and what we plan for the future. It's honestly a great way for us to keep our relationship strong. So, all in all, another year down, and only forever to go! :)

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